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We strive to service the baseball community by offering quality baseball instruction that utilizes expert trainers and cutting edge analytics. Our goal is to help baseball players from around the country reach their full potential on and off of the baseball field. Our company works with players of all ages and provides services nationwide. Extra Innings Analytics is unique because we not only work with clients in-person, we also offer online-based training. Both in person and online expert instruction can be received in Pitching, Hitting, Catching, Fielding, Base-Running, Strength and Conditioning, and Speed and Agility.

Professional Baseball Training

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Welcome to Extra Innings Analytics.

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Check out our Free Baseball Lessons or Contact Us to enroll in one of our amazing programs. Extra Innings Analytics utilizes 4, 6, 8, and 12 week programs. The reasoning behind this is that baseball skills and mindsets occur over a period of time, not all at once. Our programs have checkpoints along the way to determine how players are progressing. The end goal is to have players take baby steps to grow as baseball players and transition their practice habits into their game habits. All too often players will go to a session learn an overwhelming amount of information and then forget it all. Extra Innings Analytics wants to give information in small doses so that players can digest it and create healthy habits. The decisions you make today will be the ones that impact your future. Take the leap and train with Extra Innings Analytics. We would love to help you take your game to the next level.

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