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Benefits of Weighted Bat Training

Coach J.C. Baxley shows the importance of using a weighted bat when it comes to hitting. Weighted bats have taken some heat when it comes to effectiveness. Many feel that they are not helpful, and actually teach bad habits. Extra Innings Analytics believes that utilizing weighted bats can be extremely helpful. It teaches hitters to keep their hands inside of the baseball; and how to punch through the baseball. Many hitters get to the point of contact, and stop their swing. Coach Baxley wants hitters to get to the point of contact, and drive through the baseball. Another benefit of weighted bats is that they develop upper body and forearm strength. Players will see the benefits when they swing their normal sized bat. It will feel light, and they will be handling the bat with ease. EIA understands that any drill or skill can be harmful when done incorrectly. With this in mind: hitters should only utilize weighted bats after being taught how to use them correctly. If you want to know more about how to use a weighted bat correctly; or want to learn the fundamentals of hitting from some of the best instructors across the U.S please contact us today. We can get you set up with an in-person trainer, or get you started with video analysis training. We want to make sure that all hitters have the tools to dominate opposing pitchers. Whether you want to lead your team in average, or doubles inquire today so we can help you reach your baseball goals.

Benefits of Video Analysis

Many people have asked about the benefits of video analysis are. One of the benefits is that instruction is easily accessible 24/7, and it is right at players/parents fingertips. Many parents drive their kids to school, band practice, baseball practice, and then finally get home at 7 or 8 o’clock at night. With video analysis training parents can cross one thing off of their to-do-list. Players can send video from the comfort of their own home, and can watch and decipher it during half-time of a NCAA or Professional football game, or right before bed. The beauty of video analysis is that it can occur wherever and whenever a player wants it to.

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