Free Baseball Lesson 2

Perfect Baseball Perfected Through Perfect Baseball Practice:

Basics of the Balance Point

Coach Josh Merrill teaches the importance of getting to a proper balance point when pitching. Pitchers need to get into a proper balance point to allow themselves the chance to: stay back and drive to the plate, and give their arm a chance to get caught up. The balance point is the pivotal point of pitching mechanics. An improper balance point will: decrease a pitchers peak velocity, and put them at risk for arm injury. Many times pitchers get into trouble with balance point because they rush their delivery. Pitchers have to be in control of their bodies, and the situation. A key thing to remember is that you can only control what you can control. Errors by teammates, calls by the umpire, and crowd volume are out of a pitchers control. The only things that pitchers can control are: attacking the zone with quality pitches. When situations get tense pitchers need to take a deep breathe and stay within themselves. Pitchers can ensure that balance point is under control and arm is caught up every pitch. The really good pitchers out there are taking a big deep breath; and making sure they are repeating their mechanics consistently. Extra Innings Analytics goal is to instill repeatable mechanics into our players. This allows players to be confident in themselves in big situations. If you are a pitcher that wants to be more consistent, gain velocity, and dominate hitters let EIA help you reach your goals. Contact us today so that we can help you reach your goals for the future.


Benefits of Video Analysis

Another advantage of visual analysis is the saveability of the instruction. One thing that  our Professional Baseball Trainers experience first hand is the regression of players after private lessons. Players will figure it out during the hour of lessons; and then forget everything they learned the next day. With video analysis players will have the chance to re-watch and actually learn what they were doing, and how to fix it. Players will have access to this content until they decide to delete it themselves. Players will also have the benefit of having the customized practice plans that accompanies the video. They will have access to these drills, and concepts forever. Players who are diligent in perfect baseball practice and committed perfection diligence through baseball science will continue getting better and will no longer regress.

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