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Catching Instruction

Coach Baxley of Extra Innings Analytics seeks to show catchers that it takes more than wearing catchers gear to be a good catcher. Hip mobility is a large part of being successful when it comes to catching. Catchers are consistently popping up and down during a 7-9 inning game. They need to go from squatting to blocking, to standing up and throwing. In order to be a complete catcher players need to put in work stretching and becoming more mobile. Coach Baxley shows that the 3 ball stretching drill can be an effective way to accomplish improvement in mobility. EIA strives to teach the fundamentals of the game to our catchers. We want our players to block, frame, receive, and transfer their feet well. In order to do all of these things players need to be flexible. If you are a catcher who is looking to improve and be the leader of your team. Look no further, EIA can help you become the most well rounded catcher. We would love to get you hooked up with an in-person trainer, or start video analysis training with you. Do not wait till tomorrow to start achieving your goals. Get with a trainer today and start enhancing your baseball skills.

Benefits of Video Analysis

Yet another benefit of video analysis, is the positive reinforcement that players get when they see what they are doing right or wrong in the video. This is a powerful tool for teaching, and learning. Many MLB teams have attributed their recent success to analytics and video data. Analytics is great because it allows instructors to put the video in slow motion, and highlight good and bad aspects of the players mechanics. I have taught many kids that do not make corrections because they feel that they are not doing anything wrong. Allowing players to see their mistakes first-hand gives them the confidence to correct their mistakes.

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