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Our Professional Baseball Hitting Professionals are here to create a custom Professional Baseball Hitting Training and Analytics program utilizes your current baseball swinging comfort while creating minor adjustments over time to lead you to greater contact with the baseball, further distances driving the baseball, higher arch after baseball contact, and better baseball trajectory. Extra Innings Analytics offers Professional Baseball services that will enhance your Baseball Swing to produce consistent and repeatable results. From Seattle, WA to Houston,TX our instructors will develop your Baseball Swing’s Load, Baseball Swing’s Power Position, and Baseball Swing’s follow-through to make you a dominant hitter. Instruction is tailored to teach every hitter to hit the baseball to all fields, and to drive pitches that are in, out, or down the middle. Our Professional Baseball Trainers strive to heighten your hitting skills and get you to the next level.

8 Week Hitting Programming:

Our 8 week hitting program is great for any hitter at any level. This program offers insights into mechanics of the swing, mental approach, and situation hitting. Our trainers understand that there is more to hitting than a large leg kick, and back-spin line drives. We want complete hitters that have a plan for every situation they encounter during the game. This program is great for players who are preparing for their season. It gives players the keys to success in the box. Contact EIA for pricing and more details regarding this great program.

4 Week Hitting Programming:

Our 4 weeks hitting program is designed for a player that is struggling at the plate. This program is designed to help with mechanical flaws; and also designed to re-adapt the hitters approach at the plate. This program is a great way for players to get refocused and turn their struggles into success. Contact EIA today for pricing and to turn your season around and get back on track.

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