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Our Elite Professional Baseball Trainers are here to serve you from Portland, OR to Orlando,FL. Amazing Professional Baseball Trainers will create custom Professional Baseball Training regimens detailed with proficiency and accuracy in taking lead-offs from first base, lead-offs from second base, lead-offs from third base, stealing bases, proper professional baseball base-running footwork, and Baseball Intelligence to create a smart base-runner.  Training and analytics training plans are formed and implemented to groom professional baseball players into superb base-runners so that they can confidently run the bases and execute baseball genius in every baseball decision. Whether you want to steal 30 bases, want to hit 50 doubles, or speed through 20 triples let our Professional Base-Running Trainers create a Custom Professional Baseball Training Base-running Program to help you reach your goals.

What We Offer:

4 Week Base-Running Programming:

This 4 week program teaches athletes how to out think their oppositions. Base-running encompasses more than just speed. Great base-runners have instincts and can read the patterns of the game. Our trainers will offer insight into the patterns of the game of baseball. They will also help players understand how to read the ball and react to it. Base-running is a large part of the game, yet, it is a small part of coaches practices. This aspect of the game can win and lose baseball games. If players are not able to read and react on the base-paths they are handcuffing their abilities. Contact EIA to learn how to become a master of reading and reacting the baseball, and the patterns of the game of baseball on the base-paths.


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