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Extra Innings Analytics leads the baseball industry so you can lead your baseball team from behind the dish.  From Milwaukee, WI to Milwaukee, OR our instructional programs will allow you to lead your baseball team, and baseball pitching staff with confidence. Catching instructors will develop your: defensive blocking, defensive framing, baseball receiving, and throwing skills to make you a well-rounded catcher. Our Professional Baseball Catchers Training Programs are tailored to enhance your catching technique and get you noticed by baseball scouts from behind the dish.

What We Offer:

6 Week Catching Training

Extra Innings Analytics strives to offer quality instruction for youth, and high-school catchers. Our  6 week program gives players instruction from players that played  at high levels of baseball. The intent is to teach our catchers the fundamentals of the game. Catchers need to be able to be multi-versed athletes. Catchers need to be incredibly strong, yet incredibly flexible. EIA’s instructors want catchers to learn how to: receive the baseball, block the baseball, throw runners out, and manage a pitching staff. Upper-level catchers have the knack for stealing strikes for their pitching staff. They receive and frame so well that they “trick” the umpire. This is a skill that comes about with lots of instruction and even more practice. Our goal for our catchers is that they take pride in calling the pitches of their games. This is an honor when it comes to baseball. It is the ultimate form of trust between a coach and a catcher. This aspect of baseball is more than just throwing down some numbers for a pitcher to read. It is analyzing the swings, and approaches of every opposing hitter. It is remembering what players have done in previous at-bats and finding ways to beat them. This type of baseball involves a very high IQ and an ability to read between the lines. EIA wants all of our catchers to possess this type of mindset. This mindset separates the good catchers, from the great catchers. We start with the basics, and want to progress our players into these types of mindsets. Let us help you become a Gold Glove catcher. No matter where you are we can help you enhance your skills to attain your baseball goals. Contact EIA today to find out how this 6 week program can transform your catching technique and baseball IQ.

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