Fielding Training

 Infield Training:


Extra Innings Analytics leads the industry in teaching youth and high-school aged players how to field the baseball. We strive to teach our athletes the fundamentals of fielding. These fundamentals include: getting around the baseball to create positive momentum towards first base, approaching the baseball in a low athletic stance, having a proper glove angle, fielding the baseball inside of their non throwing side foot, reading the ball off of the bat, hitting your cut-off man, and taking proper angles to the baseball. Our goal is to provide exceptional instruction to players to ensure that every player has the chance to win a Gold Glove. We believe that perfect practice of these fundamentals will turn into consistent results on the baseball field.

4 Week Infield Programming:

Our 4 week program is designed to help infielders reach their full potentials. It allows infielders mechanics to be broken down from the ground up. Our trainers want to see quality footwork that moves through their throwing target. This program is perfect for athletes who are getting ready to go into their season. It encompasses the mechanics of fielding, as well as the mental side of the game. We want all of our infielders to take control of every situation and be the most prepared players on the field. Contact EIA today for pricing and more details about this great 4 week training for all ages.

   Outfield Training:


Extra Innings Analytics Professional Outfield Baseball Trainers are well versed in the necessities of playing outfield. Our Professional Baseball Outfield Instructors will offer expertise in reading a baseball off of the bat, taking proper baseball angles, and utilizing proper baseball body mechanics to throw runners out. All of these skills are necessary to make you the most fundamentally sound outfielder. Serving you from Los Angeles, CA, to Jacksonville, FL we are here to help you become the best outfielder you can be.

4 Week Outfield Programming:

Our 4 week program for outfielders offers more than just catching fly balls. This program gives outfielders the body mechanics, and mental approaches to be able to create a “no fly zone” in the outfield. This program offers outfielders insight into outfield cut-offs, taking the proper angle to the baseball, and how to read swings to ensure that they are in the proper position. This program is designed to give outfielders confidence in every aspect of their game. Contact EIA today for pricing and more details about this great program.

12 Week Velocity Training:

Velocity comes from trained movements that baseball players have to work on. Throwing mechanics play a huge part in throwing hard; however, players have to focus on the intent of throwing hard. Our instructors utilize: warm up routines that incorporate explosion and stretching in hips, pre and post throwing band work designed to build up rotator-cuff muscles, plyocare ball  and weighted ball throwing that offers overload principles for the shoulder, and long toss/pull down throwing that builds up arm strength. Our instructors offer velocity training via in-person, and online-based training. We want players to have the tools to be able to throw hard no matter what position they play. This 12 week program ensures that players are throwing with the intent to throw hard. This intent creates increased velocity, and increased stamina. Contact EIA for pricing and to find out how our trainers can help create more velocity from anywhere on the field.

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