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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit of extra practice

Our Professional Baseball Pitching Trainers are ready to take your game to the next level. From Austin, TX to Omaha, NE, we are here to assist your pitching goals. Professional Pitching Instructors will teach you proper pitching mechanics such as: balance point, hand-break, power position, release point, and finish. Our Professional Baseball Trainers are easily accessible to you wherever you are in America; and strive to magnify your pitching performance so that your baseball goals can be achieved.

Extra Innings Analytics wants our pitchers to be more than mechanically sound, hard throwing, strike throwers. We want them to be able to control every aspect of pitching. We teach our pitchers: the mechanics of pitching, how to field their position, where to be when the ball is put in play, how to control the running game, and how to out think opposing hitters. Pitchers have a lot of roles when it comes to being on the baseball field. Being incompetent in any of these roles can lead to: extra pitches thrown, multiple runs scored, and short outings on the pitching mound. Coaches expect their players to be able to do these things; however, they are not teaching their players these fundamentals. EIA wants to ensure that our pitchers are not only dominating hitters; but also dominating the fundamentals that go along with pitching. Do not hesitate to let Extra Innings Analytics take your game to the next level. We want our players to be the ace of their staff, and be proficient in all aspects that make up being a pitcher. Together we can create the skills and mindsets to accomplish any baseball goal.

What We Offer:

4 Week Mechanical Fine-Tuning:

The ability to throw strikes and get outs comes from being able to repeat mechanics. Our instructors fine-tune players mechanics through pitching expertise, and video analysis. Our goal is to ensure that players can repeat their mechanics each and every pitch. The main aspects of the pitching delivery are the: balance point, separation of the hands, a positive pelvic tilt (keeping hips back, while driving down the mound), and a downhill finish. All of these aspects are accomplished through drill work, flat ground work, and mound work. This program is designed for any pitcher who is struggling with mechanical flaws. Contact EIA today for pricing. Today can be the day that you start being more consistent with your mechanics.

12 Week Velocity Training:

Velocity comes from trained movements that pitchers have to work on. Mechanics play a huge part in throwing hard; however, players have to focus on the intent of throwing hard. Our instructors utilize: warm up routines that incorporate explosion and stretching in hips, pre and post throwing band work designed to build up rotator-cuff muscles, plyocare ball  and weighted ball throwing that offers overload principles for the shoulder, and long toss/pull down throwing that builds up arm strength. Our instructors offer velocity training via in-person, and online-based training. We want players to have the tools to be able to throw hard, and get outs. This 12 week program ensures that players are throwing with the intent to throw hard. This intent creates increased velocity, and increased stamina. Contact EIA for pricing and to find out how our trainers can help you create more velocity from the pitchers mound.

4 Week Mental Training:

Once the mechanics are repeatable; and the baseball is coming out of the hand with maximal velocity our trainers teach the mental side of the game. We instill traits of competitiveness in our pitchers. We want our pitchers to be able to read swings and out-think their oppositions. Our trainers spend time teaching players to have confidence in their abilities and to pitch with that confidence each and every time they step on the mound. Pitchers also learn the ins and outs of becoming a fielder after they throw. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of knowing what to do when pitchers are pitching; and also what to do and where to go when they become a fielder. Our 4 week mental training program allows pitchers to be more than throwers. We want our athletes to out think their opposition and not just throw aimlessly. Contact EIA today for pricing and to figure out how you can out think opposing hitters.


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