Speed and Agility Training

Speed and Agility:


Extra Innings Analytics offers the ultimate in Professional Baseball Instructors and our baseball trainers are here to serve you from San Francisco, CA to New York, NY. EIA’s Professional Trainers offers several baseball techniques in various ways to improve Professional Baseball Speed, and Agility. Our elite team of Baseball Instructors can help you get baseball faster, and improve baseball agility through various baseball exercises, and baseball drills. Our instructors are available in person, or through online platforms. Whether your baseball goal is Major League, Collegiate, or High School State Championship baseball look no further than Extra Innings Analytics training  to gain speed and flexibility. Let our Speed and Agility Instructors guide you to your goals.

What We Offer:

Remote/In-Person Speed and Agility Training:

Our instructors offer programming designed to enhance players foot speed, and agility. In order to gain get faster at anything, we have to train our bodies to be faster. This programming utilizes a lot of fast-twitch movements to help athletes become faster. It also involves teaching athletes how to move more efficiently and effectively. Our instructors will break down running mechanics and build more repeatable and dynamic mechanics. Instructors will utilize drills, and quick twitch movements to help athletes reach their goals. Programming can be done remotely or in-person.

12 Week Speed and Agility Program:

Our 12 week Speed and Agility program is designed to teach athletes how to run faster, and be more agile. Our body does not learn how to be fast by doing slow movements. Our trainers offer athletes explosive and powerful movements to train their bodies to be faster and more agile. The game of baseball is an explosive sport. Athletes need to focus on that explosion to excel at the game of baseball. The aim of this training is to build up needed accessory muscles, and to train those muscles to be fast. Training of these muscles comes in  many forms such as: weight training, sprint work, lateral movement, and stretching. Contact EIA for pricing and details about how to improve foot speed and agility today.

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