Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength and Conditioning:

Weight Lifting

Our Professional Baseball Instructors are here to serve you from Anchorage, AK. to Providence, RI.  Extra Innings Analytics offers Professional Baseball Trainers teaching exercises to aid young aspiring baseball players and skilled professional baseball players by offering strength and conditioning training. Experienced trainers will utilize powerful and explosive Baseball Strength and Conditioning techniques to enhance performance on the field. Our trainers are available to train in-person, or online. High level athletes require powerful and explosive training in order to train their bodies to be explosive. Let our professional baseball training staff amplify your physical figure to create excellence in outcomes on your baseball field.

What We Offer:

Remote Strength and Conditioning Programming:

Our instructors are readily available to provide programming for any body type or any strength/conditioning need. Our goal is to gather information about our individual athletes and provide customized programs based on the athletes needs. These programs encompass in-depth strength training programs, nutritional guides to help players reach their full potentials on the field. Strength and conditioning is such a vital piece of being a successful baseball player. This aspect of the game can be confusing due to all of the information out there. Extra Innings Analytics makes this portion of the game simpler for all athletes.

12 Week Strength and Conditioning Program:

Designed to create powerful and explosive movements for our athletes. This program allows athletes to create a workload that will build muscle mass, and shred excess fat. This 12 week program is designed to offer positive body transformation. Our expert trainers offer weight training programming, and the nutritional advice to fuel the fire. The goal of this program is to train players to be better baseball players…not body builders. Our trainers offer baseball specific movements that will help players be better on the baseball diamond. If you are serious about the game you need to be serious about how you train in the weight room. Let our trainers help you take your game to the next level. Contact EIA today to learn about pricing and how to get started with one of our expert trainers.



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