If You don’t believe us listen to our clients:

 “Great instruction!!! Mentally and physically prepare the athlete for the next level”. -Jeff Wiggins

“Josh put training into a youth perspective, everything he teaches is for the safety and betterment of the player and he doesn’t have a cookie cutter design. He allows the kids to feel comfortable and tweaks the missing links needed to be successful and safe”. -Ryan Bourne

“Josh Merrill coached my son on pitcher as a 7th grader before his baseball season. He helped him start the process of controlling his tall frame. I liked the positive attitude he had with him. He also recognized when he had a sore shoulder (PE at school) and stopped the lesson and helped him with some exercises to get it fixed”. -Doug Read

“Josh Merrill helped me a lot, he was very respectful and professional I will definitely come back for help”. -Tysaac Noland

“Josh is very knowledgeable of pitching. His techniques and training work well. His caring personality and his demeanor are very effective in coaching children and young adults”. -Chris Bergquist

“Worked with Josh for 2 years. He helped me become a effective pitcher by breaking things down to the simple mechanics. Over time I saw my velocity go up and more movement on my off speed pitches. He has lots of knowledge about the game”. -Hunter Means

“Coach Merrill does a great job with coaching and with lessons. He is always positive and teaches the kids to be respectful and responsible”. -Sara Read

“Josh is an awesome pitching coach who focuses on all aspects of the pitching routine! Josh makes sure his pitchers warm up and cool down properly to avoid injury”. -Sabrina Watkins

“Josh is an outstanding coach! He truly cares about the kids on and off the ball field. His use of funny analogies really helps the kids get what he’s teaching. He helped improve our son’s pitching and batting skills tremendously. By far the best coach our son has played for”. -Lloyd Belcher

“I played with Josh Merrill in the summer of 2012 and let me tell you I learned more a about the game of baseball that summer then any other time year I played. I’ve been playing the game of baseball my entire life and as pitchers we always conversed and talked about different ways to try and improve our stuff while also helping out the other guy. But when it came to Merrill I felt like it was more of him helping me and I was just listening to what he was saying. He is very knowledgeable of the game and has many different ways of reaching the end goal depending on the individual. Safe to say you will be learning a lot from him and I highly recommend you listening to what he has to say”. -Chris Kirsch

“He’s an amazing coach and knows what hes talking about. My game improved and he helped me get into college”. – Austin Hillhouse

“Josh is a great instructor! He really cares about helping all of his players be their best. He teaches them proper warm up & cool down in addition to pitching mechanics. One of the other things that my son benefited most from was the way Josh helped with mental side of pitching”. -Amy Arensdorf

“I have had my son work with both Coach Josh Merrill and Coach J.C. Baxley. Josh has worked with my 11yr old on his pitching and really got him to a point of being able to work his way through each at bat, thinking strategically with his location and setting up the hitter. JC had worked with him on his hitting and strength and conditioning. We have seen vast improvements and confidence there as well. Both coaches truly care about the players and have treated us like family every step of the way”. -Justin Hehnke

“Josh was an absolutely wonderful pitching coach for our son. He is amazing with kids and knows the ins and outs of pitching technique. My son has improved his pitching stance and performance. He’s on his way to being a better ball player because of Josh’s instruction”. -Tiffany Temple

“The instructors are great people and very knowledgeable. They care about you and will help you become a better baseball player” -Noah Roberts

“Coach Josh is positive, patient, and engaging. The session was well planned and executed. Coach showed my 13 year old a lot in just an hour, and we are looking forward to future sessions to build on the foundation. I recommend Coach Josh for pitching lessons”. -Rob Wolfe

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